Like a lot of people,


I heard the call to action after the election of 2016. I went to sleep on the 8th of November with a deep fear congealing in the pit of my stomach. I did not sleep well. I woke up determined to do anything to make the future brighter than the future that November 8th gave us a glimpse of.

I find solace in action. As long as there is something I can do next, I will always be ok, and there’s always something I can do next. In fall 2016, I started going to every community meeting, protest, and demonstration that I could find. I called my representatives every day. I became a fixture outside my congresswoman’s office.

I find solace in action

What I saw gave me hope. The people I met standing shoulder to shoulder outside Jackie Walorski’s office and giving up their Wednesday night to work for racial justice in public schools became some of my closest friends—people who have been doing the work of justice for decades and others like me who had just heard the call.

I helped form Indivisible Indiana District 2, and was the first chair of the newly formed IN02 Equality Committee, charged with issues of racial, gender, income, and LGBTQIA equality. (We eventually out-grew our namesake, as we became less concerned with equality and more so with equity, and then finally, with justice) Alongside other activists and organizations, we worked to address racial inequality in South Bend Schools, pushed for an end to discriminatory code enforcement policies, and worked to increase police accountability in our community.

I believe a just world can be built,

and we can be the ones to build it.

I’ll be doing this work for the rest of my life, or until everyone lives in that just world.

Whichever comes first.