Time and Tools


Your time has value.


This concept is so simple and fundamental that everyone knows it but almost people in our field will routinely forget it. Often, we are under so much pressure to scrimp and save that we’ll spend much more time than necessary on a task that’s outside our wheelhouse in an effort to save a little bit of money. I’m sure you can think of a time when you’ve spent hours banging your head against some task that would have taken a specialist just a few minutes; I know I have.

Your time has value.

When you waste that time on things that are outside of your purview or outside of your skillset, you do a disservice to your mission and yourself. When you reach one of these points when a task calls on you to venture outside your best competency, collaboration, outsourcing and tools are your best friends.

Collaboration should be an easy sell. If you have people in your network who can handle a given task better and faster than you can, why not get them to do it? If you cover each other's weak areas, the whole organization benefits. Outsourcing and tools are harder to pitch, because they cost money.

Here’s the thing, though: if a tool can get a function done in less time than you could doing it without the aid of that tool, and the value of the time you save using the tool meets or exceeds the cost of the tool or service, then it pays for itself. You may even save money.

Do yourself and your mission a favor and consider investing in the tools that will help you do your job.

Your time has value.